NSWPRL State representative team 1980

Being selected in the NSWPRL State team in 1980, was bitter/sweet for a number of players.  Bitter, becasue the NSW/Queensland game never went ahead.  Sweet, because the team were a great bunch of blokes and they had a fantastic time as mates.  Gary Bourke a member of the teams said,

"We got off the plane in Brisbane and were met by a Queensland cop, who told us they could not get a team together.  He then drove us to the pub where we had been previously booked and we drank and played pool all afternoon.  Rod Bryant had recently won a share in a lottery and seemed to have plenty of money to throw around.  He and Bugs Merry wanted to run a book on a pool competition.  Bobby & I (Bob Capel), teamed together and we were pretty hopeless.  However, the rest of the team all got together and put their money on us and we then won the tournament.  We put Rod’s money on the bar and continued to have a great afternoon. The following day we were all driven to the Kirra Beach Hotel where we spent another three days on the drink."

The team below from left to right;


Dave Oliveri, Brian Fulmer, Shane Harcombe, Rob 'Evil' Mcdonald, Barry Craze, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Gary Bourke.


Wayne 'Bugssy' Merry, Pat Hamill, Unknown, 'Jules' Marlow, Glen Crompton, unknown, unknown, Rod Bryant.   Absent Bob Capel.

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