NSW Police Rugby League rep. team 2018

After an excellent Country V City campaign, the NSW Police rugby league team selections is as follows:

NSWPRL Representative team 2018 to play in the Australian Police Rugby League Tri Series at Wollongong between 28th – 30th June, 2018.

1. Anton Sahyoun
2. Alex Sahyoun
3. Dan Ah See
4. Sean Jenkins
5. Simon Gairns
6. Blake Robinson
7. Daniel Mahoney
8. Dan Newton
9. Corey White
10. Dylan Smith
11. Mitchell West
12. Rhys Walpole
13. Danny Lawrence
14. Shaun Cresswell
15. Nathan Clarke
16. Brayden Sharrock
17. James Gray
18. David Cox
19. James Dine
20. Ashley Cooper
21. Andrew Haim

Coach: Craig SHERIDAN

Paul Wallace
Bob O’Riorden
Peter Nissen
Steve Wilson

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