City V Country Leichhardt Oval, Sunday 15 May 2022

Congratulations to all of those Women and Men Police selected to participate in this memorable contest.

City Women1. Maddie Duncan (Easts)2. Kiera Harvey (Bankstown)3. Dana Griffin (Macarthur)4. Katerina Hinton (Country Nth)5. Elise Ryan (Country Sth)6. Joss Haddad (Bankstown)7. Nerida Gregory (Bankstown)8. Kristy Bridge (Macarthur)9. Jacoda Links (Bankstown)10. Sohryn Carter (Bankstown)11. Michelle Shakespeare (Macarthur)12. Jayme Emphelstone (Bankstown)13. Judy May Pollard (Macarthur)14. Ana-Lise Sio (Macarthur)15. Cassandra Mileto (Bankstown)16. Mel Dunn (Macarthur)17. Morgan Davey (Easts)

Coach – Mitch Osborne, Assistant – Dan Beardshaw, Manager – Kim Brittain, Trainer – Daniel Clements, Trainer – Graham Condon

Country Women 1. Kiara White (Bankstown)2. Maddie Martin (Eastern Suburbs)3. Nicole Holmes (Bankstown)4. Jessica Brooks (Easts)5. Brooke Walker (Macarthur)6. Bianca Wright (Country Sth)7. Gabrielle Suckling (Easts)8. Marita Shoulders (Country Sth)9. Sandra Laughlin (Country Sth)10. Brittany Bedford (Easts)11. Allanah Pomering (Macarthur)12. Maggie Townsend (Country Nth)13. Miah Sullivan (Country Nth)14. Jess O’Brien (Country Nth)15. Kasey Gardiner (Country Nth)16. Hayley Joseph (Country Nth)17. Anja Halstead (Country Sth)

Coach – Nathan Simpson, Assistant – Ben Anderson, Manager – Tom Johnson Trainer – Paul Wallace, Trainer – Wendy Davis

City Men1. Charlie Buttrose (Easts)2. Marcus Creais (Manly)3. Mathewson Johns (Bankstown)4. Jack Davey (Macarthur)5. Talaisi Alo (Penrith)6. Jaydon Fa’avae-Eli (Macarthur)7. David Farkas (Easts)8. Franelle Betham Misa (Parramatta)9. Scott Hartigan (Parramatta)10. Brock Jamieson (Macarthur)11. Haydn Peacock (Bankstown)12. Brent Nellies (Macarthur)13. Alex Maher (Easts)14. Jack Mitchell (Macarthur)15. Johnno Palmer (Macarthur)16. Andrew Dargin (Bankstown)17. Blake Draper (Macarthur)

Coach: Marty Hyde, Assistant – Leo Clarke, Manager – Chris Kruit, Trainer – Bob O’Riordan Trainer – Steve Wilson

Country Men1. Callum Blinco (Parramatta)2. Blake Turner (Parramatta)3. Sam Paul (Manly)4. Dane Clarke (Bankstown)5. Bailey Schultz (Country Nth)6. Connor O’Bierne (Manly)7. Josh Parrish (Manly)8. Joel Patterson (Penrith)9. Rhys Fagerland (Country Sth)10. Brayden Sharrock (Country Sth)11. Jackson Clarke (Easts)12. Rhys Dombkins (Easts)13. Hayden Ashcroft (Easts)14. Reece Chappell (Easts)15. Jack Durheim (Country Nth)16. Trent Barrett (Macarthur)17. Sam Press (Manly)

Coach – Shane Cribb, Assistant – Shaun Cresswell, Manager – Paul Quigg, Trainer – Mark Hutchison, Trainer – Peter Campbell.

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