Australian Police Rugby League Team 2017

Congratulations to the following players selected in the APRL team from the 2017 Tri-Series and congratulations to player of the series Jake Carl who had an outstanding carnival.

1. Jake Carl (QLD)
2. Salesi Taumalolo (AST)
3. Sean Jenkins (NSW)
4. Hayden Lea (QLD)
5. Adam Luchetti (AST)
6. Brendan Williams (AST)
7. Alan Heldsinger (QLD)
8. Andrew Dunkley (QLD)
9. Jarrod Knox (QLD)
10. Brayden Sharrock (NSW)
11. Jason Klimis (QLD)
12. Mitch West (NSW)
13. Danny Lawrence (NSW)
14. Corey White (NSW)
15. Dave Cox (NSW)
16. Ash Cooper (NSW)
17. Steve Holland (QLD)
18. Nathan Clarke (NSW)
19. Daniel Ah See (NSW)
20. Ilija Radan (AST)
21. Andrew Hiam (NSW)
22. Cade DeLepervanche (AST)

Coach: Craig Sheridan

James Dine (NSW)
Matt Resch (QLD)
Ross Jenkins (QLD)
Jeff Milford (AST)
Tyson Pickavance (AST)

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