NSW Police V’s NSW Fire Brigade 2012

Friday the 18 May 2012, saw the NSWPRL selected State representative team, take on the NSW Fire Brigade at Potts Park, Yagoona.
The NSW Fire Brigade coached and organised by Fire Superintendent Josh Turner, sprung out of the dressing sheds and enthusiastically took the game to the NSW Police team coached by Police Superintendent Craig Sheridan. The Fire Brigade had come off a victory against the NSW Police Riot Squad and had some slick combinations around the halves.
The NSW Police Team had not yet had an official run together as a team, and besides lack of combinations, the players tried things and backed up to take a half time lead of 16 points to 12.
In the second half, the NSW Police team let the ball do the work and racked up a 60 point to 12 lead by the end of the game. Combinations started to become salient and self belief and mateship, as well as fitness.
Both Services are proud of each other and showed great spirit and comraderie throughout the fixture. Lets keep this fixture an annual event was the call from both groups of men.

Below, the NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione, took time out to address his men prior to the game, and stayed to enjoy the fixture.

(Below) Sadly Robbie Mears (Far left) had to deal with the passing of his dad the previous evening. The NSW Police team shows a mark of respect by having a minutes silence prior to kickoff.
(Below)  NSW centre Marc Smith enters the arena followed by second rower Dave Cox, five eight Clayton Parkins and debutant Tim Pont.
(Below) Liam Watson stretches the Fire Brigade defence.
(Below) Country South representative centre Sean Jenkins lines up a two pointer.
(Below) NSW halfback Josh Murphy barks a few orders to his scrum pack.
(Below) No crowd problems, security was second to none!! the Police support their brother footballers.
 The Fire Brigade are well supported.
(Below) NSW Police backrower, Corey Kinsela, makes a strong run up the 'hey diddle diddle'...
 (Below) Classy NSW Police winger Mick Fortier, sizzled the turf each time he made a run. The fire brigade had to extinguish the turf each time Mick made a run.
(Below) NSW Police enforcer, Mitch West makes an inspiring run.
(Below) the Firies and the Police, shake hands and check out who has the biggest shiners after some torrid exchanges. Thanks to all participants for an exellent effor and some entertaining plays.
Respective Coaches, Fire Superintendent Josh Turner and Police Superintendent Craig Sheridan with the Fire V Police rugby league Shield.
 (Below) NSWPRL President Steve McDonald, with NSWPRL Front Row forward, Graham Hibbs who forgot to duck (AGAIN).
 NSWPRL second row forward Dave Cox, cut himself shaving (AGAIN).

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