The First Australian Women’s Police Rugby League team named

Australian Police Rugby League 2022 inaugural women’s representative team for 2022. A big congratulations to all who were selected.

1. Kiara White (NSW)

2. Nyree Gilluley (Qld)

3. Miah O’Sullivan (NSW)

4. Jessica Brooks (NSW)

5. Brooke Walker (NSW)

6. Nerida Gregory (NSW)

7. Samantha Bliss (Qld)

8. Marita Shoulders (NSW)

9. Katerina Hinton (NSW)

10. Brittany Lee Bedford (NSW)

11. Frances Wilson (Qld)

12. Maggie Townsend (NSW)

13. Gabrielle Suckling (NSW)

14. Gracie Ryder (Qld)

15. Kaitlyn Cantrell (Qld)

16. Syndee Storey (Qld)

17. Tahnee Guinea (Qld)

18. Madeline Duncan (NSW)

19. Sohryn Carter (NSW)

20. Savannah Pratten (Qld)

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