Australian Police Team 2018 announced

The Australian Police Rugby League team has been selected after a tough Tri-Series competition in Wollongong NSW.

The team will travel to New Zealand (NZ) to play a game against NZ Police team.  This game will be on Friday 24 August 2018 as a curtain raiser to the NZ Warriors Verses the Penrith Panthers.

Congratulations to those selected and good luck in NZ.  The team is as follows;

1. Jake Carl (QLD)
2. Adam Fuller (AST)
3. Michael O’Keeffe (QLD)
4. Blake Robinson (NSW)
5. Anton Sayhoun (NSW)
6. Brendan Williams (AST)
7. Al Heldsinger (QLD)
8. Andrew Dunkley (QLD)
9. Jarrod Knox (QLD)
10. Andrew Chard (AST)
11. Mitch West (NSW)
12. Cade DeLepervanche (AST)
13. Danny Lawrence (NSW)
14. Corey White (NSW)
15. Dylan Smith (NSW)
16. Wallace Solomona (QLD)
17. Troy O’Sullivan (QLD)
18. Jeff Milford (AST)

Coach. Nick Paterson

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