Australian Men’s Police team 2022 announced

Congratulations to the following players from Affiliated States, QLD and NSW Police rugby league teams who have been selected to represent the Australian Police Rugby League later in 2022.

2022 Australian Police Rugby League men’s representative team.

1. Haydn Peacock (NSW)

2. Callum Blinco (NSW)

3. Matheson Johns (NSW)

4. Graig Semisi (AST)

5. Jake Carl (Qld)

6. Connor O’Bierne (NSW)

7. David Farkas (NSW)

8. Brayden Sharrock (NSW)

9. Matt Johnstone (NSW)

10. Andrew Chard (AST)

11. Jackson Clarke (NSW)

12. Luke Polson (Qld)

13. Hayden Ashcroft (NSW)

14. Dane Clarke (NSW)

15. Liam Cavana (AST)

16. Al Heldsinger (Qld)

17. Rhys Dombkins (NSW)

18. Angelo Cuevas (Qld)

19. Jack Durheim (NSW)

20. Andrew Dunkley (Qld)

21. Josh Gillard (AST)

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