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Patron Assistant Commissioner Jeffrey Loy APM

Patron Assistant Commissioner Jeffrey Loy APM

Welcome to the official website of the NSW Police rugby League Football Association.

I am very proud to be appointed as Patron of the NSW Police Rugby League. As a young Police officer I had the opportunity to play police rugby league over many years and made lifelong friends have some great memories.

Many serving and past officers have played the game at the highest level and many have enjoyed the social and competitive aspects of the game through our Police Competition Rugby League has long been the chosen sport of NSW Police.

Given that the game requires teamwork, dedicated training personal courage and commitment, it is no wonder that NSW Police Officers naturally gravitate towards a sport that has so much in common with our chosen profession.

I urge you to support the Association and its outstanding work in promoting and administering Rugby League within our Police ranks.

The Board of Directors, coaches, trainers and workers are all to be commended for their efforts in establishing the NSW Police Rugby League as a truly professional sporting organisation. I trust you will enjoy scrolling through this website and discovering the long history of Police Rugby League.

Your involvement as a player, supporter or sponsor is most welcome.

The New South Wales Police Rugby League is an organisation within the New South Wales Police Force. The NSWPRL has a committee which is elected who oversees the running of the organisation. The current President Stephen McDonald, is also on the executive committee of the NSW Police Association. Assistant Commissioner Alan Clarke, is the current Patron of the NSWPRL.

As the NSWPRL has a history dating back to its formation in 1970, it provides a fraternity of current and retired NSW Police Officer's to involve themselves in Rugby League. The NSWPRL comes under the 'Development' banner of the NSW and Australian Rugby League, with current International Development Officer Tas Bateri, taking a keen interest in the running of the NSWPRL competition and the NSWPRL State team who come under the selection process for the Australian Police Rugby League side.

The goals of the NSWPRL are to provide serving NSW Police Officer's, the opportunity to participate in the Interstate Challenge held presently at Port Macquarie. Those players, coaches, trainers and officials take great pride in representing the districts where they work as Police officer's. Involvement also gives serving Police officer's the opportunities for meeting fellow officer's who are passionate about the sport of Rugby League.

All the building blocks of participating in team sport such as; making strong characters, fitness, teamwork, discipline, learning how to accept defeat and enjoying the emotion of winning are positive factors encouraged in this great organisation. Probationary Constable's through to high ranking Commissioned Officer's involve themselves and support the NSWPRL.

Gender is not an issue within the NSWPRL. In the past female Police officer's have formed 'cheer girl squads' to support their respective district. Female Police officer's have also been involved as trainer's and referees.

Thanks for all participants and supporters of the NSWRL, stay with us and enjoy the site.

Current President Stephen McDonald



The NSW Police Rugby League Football Association, began in the early sixties when a social but not organised Rugby League Competition was conducted in the Metropolitan area, between Police teams from 21 Division, C.I.B, Glebe, Mounted Police and Academy staff, Darlinghurst, Parramatta, Burwood, Liverpool, Petersham and the Traffic Office taking part. Many teams over the years went through the Police competition undefeated but no records were kept in the early days. One such team, Petersham was undefeated in 1968 and 1969.

During the early days the Police Department only recognised Rugby Union as an official Police sport, with the exception of Police Rugby league teams, participating in the Public Service Competition at the Old Domain. It became apparent that the recognised Police Rugby team mainly comprised of Police Rugby League players from the Sydney grade competition and also from the social competition.


In September 1968, teams competing in the social matches sent delegates to a meeting in the C.I.B. auditorium where it was decided to form an official competition. Those who attended this meeting included former Inspector's Pat Gib and Albie Southern, Messrs. Jim Bowen, Gordon Bartholomew, Frank Anderson, Bill Tout, Gordon Talbot, John Young, Jim Simmonds, Jim Brazil, Barry Collins, George Patterson, John O'Hara and Tony Edwards.

A working executive was elected comprising Chairman, Pat Gibb; Vice Chair Chairmen, Jim Armstrong and Bill Tout; Secretary, Barry Collins; Treasurer, George Patterson; Committee, Jim Simmonds, Gordon Talbot, Jim Bowen and Jim Brazil. In 1969 Pat Gibb retired and Jim Armstrong replaced him. Many meetings were held and a constitution and set of rules drawn up that were acceptable to all competing teams. This information was forwarded to the then Commissioner Allen in late 1969 and he subsequently sanctioned the conducting of a League competition. The NSW Police Department recognised that, any injuries occasioned to participant's playing in the competition as 'Hurt on Duty', as they perceived that Police Officers competing in such a competition would increase their fitness as a result of the associated training an playing, in such a competition.

In February1970, the first official Rugby League Football Association meeting was held at the NSW Police Academy, and the following executive elected: President-Bill Tout; Vice Presiden's-Jim Bowen and Jim Armstrong; Secretary-Barry Collins; Treasurer-George Patterson; Committee-Gordon Batholomew, Tony Edwards, Jim Simmonds, Jim Brazil, Doug Bell and Frank Owens.


The first year of representative Police Rugby League was held in 1972 when, due to a vast amount of work done by the late Bill Tout. allowed a NSW Police Rugby League representative team to play Canberra Police. Peter Ryan, Mick Craft and Bill Beale were A.C.T. Police instrumental in organising with the NSW delegates, to get this game off the ground. In the same year a team led by former first grade referee Kevin Roberts travelled to Brisbane and played a Queensland Police Team. Ray Kelly from the Brisbane Traffic Office became the contact up north. Kevin Robert's team travelled to Brisbane by train that year. These games against Brisbane continued until 1976.

In 1973 Bob Aldridge became Vice Presiden and Jim Bowen and Lloyd Taylor Secretaries with Mick Kelso Tresurer. In 1973 the NSW Police Representative side flew to Brisbane for the first time and successfully defeated the Queensland Poice team.

In 1974 the Executive remained the same, however, Bill Comans became Secretary/Treasurer, Jim Pyne joined the Committee.


Named after the Commissioner Fred Hansen, the F.J. Hansen Shield became the Shield presented to the winners of the NSW Police Rugby League competition. Jack Riordon, on behalf of the South Sydney Leagues Club presented this Shield for the Competition. The first teams nominated were Regent Street (later to become Balmain), Darlinghurst, Daceyville, Paddington, Sutherland, Burwood, Redfern, Traffic Office, Liverpool, Parramatta and Bankstown. The NSW Police Competition commenced in Apri 1970, and the first game was played at Cumberland Oval (now Parramatta Stadium), between Parramatta and Regent Street. Regent Street won this game 14-12. That year rain fell early in the year, with the remainder of the year experiencing drought condiditons. This weather trend resulted in the grounds being as hard as 'concrete' and due to the large number of injuries, the then Metropolitan Superintendent Ernie Lynch suspended the competition. The executive awarded the Shield to the Sutherland team coached by Graham Orchard, as they were leading the competition prior to the suspension of it.


In 1975 Bob Aldridge, a stalwart of the NSW Police Rugby League passed away. His widow Pat and daughter Sally donated a Shield in his memory. Known as 'The Bob Aldridge Shield' it was awarded to the player who scored the most number of points during the season.

Recipients to be advised.


Rex King donated the 'Bill Tout Rookie of the Year Award'.

Recipients to be advised.

The representative games expanded to international level when in 1978 a squad of twenty NSW Police officers, travelled to New Zealand to represent the NSW Police Force against the New Zealand Police Force. The first game played in NZ resulted in a 21-14 victory for NSW who were coached by the well respected 'Dinger' Bell. These games continued and on the consecutive year NZ travelled to Australia where in 1979 the NZ and NSW Police representative teams played for the first time on Australian soil at Redfern oval. NSW were victors 27-15.

Executive Committee


Stephen McDonald



Rod Sheraton

Vice President


Steve Greer



Peter Nissen

Publicy Officer


Glenn McDougal

General Committee


Cameron Smith

General Committee


The NSW Police Rugby League are in the process of establishing a NSWPRL 'Men of League' Committee headed by Assistant Commissioner Dennis Clifford.

The NSWPRL are also involved with the Australian Red Cross.  Future events will be posted in the 'What's on' category located on the homepage.
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