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The victorious 2011 NSW Police Rugby League team are photographed after their memorable win against the Qld Police
representative side, at Suncorp Stadium Brisbane, Wednesday the 6/7/2011.  NSWPRL 30 defeated QPRL 18. 
 Day 1

The NSW Police Rugby League State Representative team arrived on the Gold Coast on Sunday the 3 June 2011. Having a win on their belts after a solid hit out and win against the NSW Fire brigade a few weeks earlier.
The team bused to their accomodation for the next five nights at the luxurious 'Peppers Resort' at Broadbeach.
Below management outside Peppers Broadbeach. 

The team traveled to Runaway Bay Rugby League ground where they were put through their paces in their first official training run. What became salient from the outset, was the enthusiasm each player showed in every aspect of their training run. The legendary Souths Sydney Rabbit and Australian Kangaroo John Sattler, was noticed in the club. The Hoff approached 'Satts' and inquired if he would be interested in joining the team the night before the game, which he obliged. That evening the team dined at Kurrawa surfclub.

Day 2

The NSWPRL team travelled to Burleigh Juniors ground where they trained and built up some great combinations. Again it was salient that this team had the winning mode in the back of their minds and each and every player trained as if they were playing the crucial game a few days ahead. After training Seaworld was on the agenda for the team to let their hair down, followed by a team dinner at the Titanium bar, home of the Gold Coast Titans, where Monday night football was viewed, Canberra beating the Roosters.
Hoff sorting out the drinks.
The team pushed themselves at training, here, Liam Watson accelerates.
Dylan Coleman, Brenton Cochran, Liam Watson, Beaudie Cullen, Marc Smith and Mitch West contemplating on whether to
go on the roller coaster.
Day 3
The team traveled to Burleigh Juniors where NBN Television turned up and interviewed David Cox and Mitch West. Another committed training effort was put in by all. Coaches Craig Sheridan and Mitch Newton were impressed by the way the team was shaping up, leaving one short sharp afternoon session to complete the physical preparation for the Wednesday night contest. That night, the classy Italian restaurant 'Mario's' was the venue for the team dinner. Rugby League legend John 'Satts' Sattler turned up and gave an inspirational speech to the NSW Players. Mario's manager Adran, explained to the team that he had hosted many sporting teams 'pre match' and all had wins in the past, including the Qld State of origin team for game 1 2011. John Sattler mixed well with all of the team and had a great conversation with Nick Hyde and Jai Jones about their grandfather's, the great Frank Hyde and Freddie Jones with whom 'Satts' had played with and against.


Coach Superintendent Craig Sheridan motivates the team as they prepare for their last training session.
South Sydney and Australian legend, John Sattler attends and presents jumpers to the team.  Here he chats with Nick Hyde,
grandson of the legendary Frank Hyde, John Sattler's room-mate on rugby league tour of Enland.

 The team checks out the menu at Mario's restaurant, Broadbeach. Time to carbo load!!

Special guest John Sattler is interveiwed by NSWPRL Coach, Superintendent Craig Sheridan. 

Special Guest John Sattler presents the NSWPRL team with their game day playing jumpers, here, Fullback Brenton Chochran,
is presented with his playing jumper.
No 2 and winger/fullback, Liam Watson is presented with his playing jumper. 
No 3, Centre and Team Captain Beaudie Cullen, is presented with his playing jumper.
No 4, Centre Marc Smith is presented with his playing jumper.
No 5, Winger Michael Fortier is presented with his playing jumper.
No 6, Five-eight, Clayton Parkyns is presented with his playing jumper.
No 7, Half back, Jai Jones is presented with his playing jumper.
No 8, Front row forward Desai Gupwell is presented with his playing jumper. 
No 9, Hooker, Robert Mears is presented with his playing jumper.
No 10, Front row forward Shanon Hardgave, is presented with his playing jumper.
No 11, Second Row forward David Cox is presented with his playing jumper.
No 12, Second rower Mitch West, is presented with his game jumper.  
No 13, Lock forward, Nicholas Hyde is presented with his playing jumper.
No 14, Graham Hibbs is presented with his playing jumper.
No 15, Nathan Simpson is presented with his playing jumper.
No 16, Leonardo Clarke is presented with his playing jumper.
No 17, Aaron Weatherly  is presented with his playing jumper.
No 18, Dylan Coleman  is presented with his playing jumper.
No 19. Adam Munday is presented with his playing jumper.
No 20, Tom Magann, is presented with his playing jumper.
Superintendent Craig Sheridan, presents Special Guest, John Sattler with a NSWPRL Polo shirt.
Trainer and organiser, The Hoff/Nisso, with Special guest John Sattler. 
NSWPRL Patron, Assistant Commissioner Alan Clarke, his son Jack, and special guest John Sattler.
NSWPRL Vice Presiden and South Sydney tragic, Rod Sheraton with special guest John Sattler.

NSWPRL 'Team Manager' Glenn McDougal with special guest John Sattler.
Trainer Bob O'Riordon with special guest John Sattler.
NSWPRL coach, Craig Sheridan and trainer Bob O'Riordon with special guest John Sattler.
Day 4
Game day had arrived and the team looked like they were itching to get onto Suncorp and represent the NSW Police force in their game jumpers, presented to them the previous evening by John Sattler. Traditionally, the team has a walk together and this was no exception. Assistant Commissioner Alan Clarke gave an inspirational speech to the players and congratulated them on representing the NSW Police Force.

Assistant Commissioner Alan Clarke, addresses the team.
On return to Peppers for lunch, the team was spoken to by the Deputy Commissioner, David Owens, who impressively made the effort to fly up to support his men. Commissioner Andrew Scipione APM telephoned coach Craig Sheridan and addressed the team via Craig's telephone's speaker. Positive comments were heard from the team members about the support from all of these high ranking Police.
Below - NSWPRL President Stephen McDonald, presents Deputy Commissioner David Owens with a NSWPRL Polo shirt. 

Deputy Commissioner David Owens addresses the NSWPRL team.

The NSWPRL team have a relaxing lunch in the Zen garden at Peppers Broadbeach on game day. 
1PM the team bused up to Suncorp stadium and arrived in a positive mood to perform at their best. The team had been well prepared by the coaching staff, but also their own efforts to arrive in peak fitness and work hard at training to learn the structures and moves. Suncorp stadium had been savaged by recent floods meaning the traditional dressing sheds were inoperable. As a result all teams prepared in temporary refurbished sheds.

Head trainer Paul Wallace ready to warm up the NSWPRL squad.
Assistant Commissioner Clarke talks with Gavin Wood (grey suit), who is Ricky Stuart's 'right hand man' with the NSW, State of Origin
team.  Gavin is himself an Inspector in the NSW Police Force.
Inspector Gavin Wood, organised NSW State of Origin team manager, and rugby league legend Craig Young to address
the NSW Police Rugby League team, just prior to running onto Suncorp Stadium. Craig was also a member of the NSW
Police Force for a number of years. 
Head trainer, Paul Wallace puts the team through a series of warm up drills, under Suncorp Stadium. 
The NSWPRL team, just before leaving the Suncorp sheds to go into battle with the QPRL team.
The NSWPRL team enters Suncorp Stadium Brisbane.
The game is under way. 
The NSWPRL bench.
Liam Watson lines up a conversion attempt.

Blue wall! Great NSW defence by Claytons Parkyns and David Cox.
NSW Man of the Match Nick Hyde bursts through again.
Brilliant NSW Winger Liam Watson lines up a kick at goal.
Tough NSW Prop Forward Shanon Hardgrave plays the ball.

Oustanding NSW Fullback Brenton Cochrane breaks the QLD line again.
Scheming NSW five eighth Clayton Parkyns races away for one of his two tries.
NSW Warhorse Aaron Weatherley crunches the QLD attack.
QLD attack NSW line after a scrum win.
Ex NRL player and NSW Hooker Robbie Mears on another raid.  
NSW hang on desperately to stop the QLD team.
The victorious  NSWPRL team 2011.
Sensational coaching by former NRL players, South Sydney's Superintendent Craig Sheridan, and Canterbury Bulldog warhorse
Inspector Mitch Newton.  These two men prepared the NSWPRL team and steered them to victory.
Newcastle trainer and Head NSWPRL trainer Paul 'Wally' Wallace and his offsider Peter 'Hoff' Nissen, have formed a strong
mate-ship and work bond during the past seven years with the Country North Cowboys and the NSWPRL teams.
Man of the Match Nick Hyde is presented with a Crimsafe replica racing car from Crimsafe CEO Ken Millard.

The NSWPRL are led into victory song by Graham Hibbs.
Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson APM, addresses the NSWPRL team and congratulates them on their victory.
He also 'tongue in cheek' offers NSWPRL fullback Brenton Cochran a position within the Qld Police Force!!
The bus ride home was a provided a great memory with plenty of songs led by Graham Hibbs, Robbie Mears and Dave Cox. The team ventured out to the Gold Coast venues on returned.Day 5 The team had breakfast at the Kurrawa surfclub, followed by a funny day at the Envy hotel. The DVD of the game was put on the 'loop' by Keegan the publican, and a few games added to the amusement of the afternoon. The Australian side was read out by Vice President Rod Sheraton and NSW provided the majority of the team. Day 6 The victorious NSWPRL fly out from Coolangatta.

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